What’s causing Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese brain drain? | This Week In Asia

Cathy Chin left Malaysia for Australia feeling she had been treated as a “second-class citizen” because of her ethnicity.

“Malaysia is a beautiful country but the politics is sickening. Religion is put first, scholarships given on religion and ethnicity,” said the registered nurse, who is ethnically Chinese.

“Every country has its own political and welfare issues, Australia included, but I feel that I get more rights as a second-class citizen here in Australia. My religion and ethnicity do not come into play.”

Unfortunately for Malaysia, Chin, a 28-year-old with two degrees, is far from alone in feeling this way. According to Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the home minister, of the 56,576 Malaysians who renounced their citizenship between 2006 and 2016, 49,864 were Chinese.

Those figures were underlined by a recent study…

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