Vail Daily travel trip: 277 miles in 24 days kayaking the Grand Canyon

Upon returning from any epic adventure, society often refers to the act of coming back to everyday life as “getting back to reality” — an idea that all good things must come to an end and we need to get back to being productive members of society.

But what is reality anyway? Before launching on a 24-day whitewater kayak trip down the Grand Canyon, I did not realize how it would alter my current idea of reality. Everyone said it is a trip of a lifetime: a bucket list experience that will change your life forever.

Really? How could this experience be any different than another exotic destination?

Grand fascination

Each person who experiences the majestic power of the Grand Canyon deep in the heart of the earth can share a different story. But after months of planning, organizing, packing and repacking, the fact that you are leaving for a month still feels…

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