The Russian Orthodox are coming! Time puts Russian church on cover to imply coming takeover of the US

The United States is in great danger of being overtaken by the Russian Orthodox Church, according to Time magazine.

At least, that’s what the newsmagazine is implying with the artwork on the cover of its latest issue:

Time was most likely going for a Kremlin theme here, playing on long-standing questions about the extent to which Russian operatives meddled in the 2016 presidential election that saw Donald Trump swept into the White House.

People in media obviously thought Time was doing a Kremlin motif, and they reported as much on social media:

The obvious problem here is that the magazine’s cover clearly depicts St. Basil’s Cathedral, which is located in Moscow’s Red Square near the Kremlin. Well, the cover artwork is a pretty good representation of the legendary cathedral except for the fact it excludes the Eastern Orthodox crosses normally seen atop the 456-year-old…

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