Norms Of 3 Days Eviction Notice In Florida

Florida has a very stringent tenancy law. The non payment of rent in Miami Dale leads to Miami Dale Eviction process. In these days non payment of rent by the tenant leading to eviction is a common feature.

However the land lord under no circumstances can take the law in his own hand and stop the utility connection, put up chains or change the lock of the tenant. When the tenant does not pay rent the landlord has no other option but to recover his property. In Miami Dale, Florida, he has to follow the Miami Dale Eviction process, the first step of which is to serve 3 days notice to the tenant.

There are distinct advantages of serving this 3 day eviction notice florida. This involves simple procedure and has to be followed before approaching the court. The first thing is to appoint a good lawyer, who would be sending the notice to the tenant on the landlord’s behalf. The notice…

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