Google has a new way to call out poorly made Android apps

Those general categories may sound familiar if you’ve been following the news out of I/O. They’re in line with Android O’s “vitals,” areas where Google is focusing efforts to improve overall Android device performance. According to Google project manager Fergus Hurley, the company will find more areas to key in on eventually but these required the most attention. Anyway, Google is specifically concerned with six “vital” metrics now — pardon the brief diversion into highly geeky territory. It’s all about the percentages of users that…

  • got the “Application not responding error”
  • experienced at least one app crash
  • had an app keep their device awake for more than an hour
  • experienced an app that woke up their device more than 10 times an hour
  • saw the app run at slower than 60 frames per second
  • ran into “frozen,” laggy frame rendering


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