‘Cyclops Goat’ Born in India?

In May 2017, unnerving images and videos appeared purportedly showing a “cyclops” goat, bearing just one eye in the middle of its forehead: 

Although many viewers were shocked and skeptical, the video is real. A goat with a syndrome called cyclopia was born in a village in Assam, India on 10 May 2017:

The kid was born on Wednesday May 10th, and has baffled local villagers.

Vets predicted that the goat, who also has only one ear, would die within a few days but he has defied expectations and stayed alive longer than expected.

The condition which causes these defects is called cyclopia.

The kid was also born without eyelashes and eyelids, is missing several teeth, and has an underdeveloped nose and jaw:

Cyclopia is often accompanied by other physical deformities. This baby goat is also missing eyelashes, eyelids, one ear, and several…

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