Bodybuilder Says Her Competition Photo Wasn’t Posted Because She Has Excess Skin

A bodybuilder who worked towards her first competition for years is taking a photographer to task for body-shaming her because of her loose skin.

Last week, Jana Roller wrote on Instagram about her experience competing in her first bodybuilding competition. For Roller, who’d trained for two years and lost about 140 pounds in the process, the event was a big moment. But after the competition took place, she went through the event photos online to find her picture when she realized that her image was missing.

When she privately messaged the photographer, she found out her picture wasn’t there due to how he thought her body looked. “When I asked for [my photo] and asked why it wasn’t posted in the competitor gallery he sent me it via private message saying that because my physique wasn’t as great he decided to err on the side of caution to avoid me asking him to remove it or edit the…

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