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The pacemaker is a marvel of medicine near to Canada’s heart​

A series about people, products and discoveries that changed the world. The most futuristic of the pacemakers that Vancouver cardiologist Matthew Bennett tucks into the lower chambers of his patients’ hearts are about the size of a bullet. The capsule-like innovations are called leadless pacemakers because they don’t have the insulated wires or “leads” that connect a

U.S. Alpine director to petition ski officials to let Lindsey Vonn race men

U.S. Alpine director Patrick Riml said he will push for rules alterations at the upcoming International Ski Federation (FIS) meetings to possibly allow U.S. skier Lindsey Vonn to compete against men. “All the men say, ‘We don’t think she’s going to beat us,’ which is what they’re going to say, and also that, ‘It will